Pearls, Hoops And Stacking Rings

I'm slowly increasing my little collection of rings for sale. I made a set of three hammered sterling silver stacking rings which you can see in the photo above put together with a prehnite rose cab stacking ring. I made the plain band rings in the photo for me (for a change!) and find them so easy to wear.

 I photographed them in their bright shiny state then oxidized them and photographed them again. 
Etsy makes it easy to sell items with different variables like size or finish so the buyer can select when they pay. My website and Folksy shop don't have this option so I'll have to list the rings separately. I've learned that buyers don't always read everything in a listing ( something I'm also guilty of!) and I've had to contact a few to find out the size they want in the case of bangles bought from my website and Folksy. So expecting someone to remember to let me know the size, stone and finish they want in the case of my gemstone rings would be pushing it a bit! So when I get round to listing the gemstone rings on my website and Folksy shop they will all have to be listed separately with a large notice asking the buyer to let me know the size and finish they want in the hope they will actually do that and save my sanity! 

I spent the last couple of days making a pair of copper rose hoops and some silver disc earrings with pearls. The turn in the weather (it's sunny!) means I've been able to photograph them today.

I use copper bezel wire for the "roses" which makes life easier than having to cut thin strips of copper sheet myself. I solder the end closed then sand the bottom flat and solder to a flat piece of copper for a base. Having a flat base makes it easier to solder the rose to other things afterwards.

The pearls are beads I've had for years that are button shaped so most of them are ideal to turn into cabs. Sanding the bottom of the pearl makes it nice and level and lowers the holes so the bezel hides them when they are set. I like the look of pearls with oxidized silver. I have some bigger pearls on order which I'm really looking forward to using.

I'm hoping the pearls will arrive soon (tomorrow would be good!) so I can start thinking about what to do with them. 


  1. I love the stackable style rings! Your earrings are gorgeous. The "roses" are so sweet.

  2. I love the earrings, they are awesome! Big Like :)

  3. wonderful earnings !! i also like these beautiful rings. great collection.


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