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Turning My 9ct Gold Scrap Into A Pair Of Earrings

For someone who's loved silver forever I seem to have an awful lot of scrap 9ct gold! Some of it is from gold chains and a ring I had when I was younger and some of it I was given by my Mum as she wasn't a big gold jewellery person either. She preferred wearing my early bead creations bless her! There's also a couple of scrap pebbles from previous projects. I started by melting it into as large a pebble as I could manage with my torch. I ended up with a slightly saggy looking black lump. As I thought gold wasn't supposed to oxidize I decided to look up exactly what 9ct gold contains and found out it's made up of 37.5% pure gold and the rest is made up of silver, copper and zinc. That's explains the oxidation........ This is the 9ct gold after pickling - still a bit grubby and you can see some of the copper on the surface. I then ran it through the rolling mill, annealing several times as I did so. This is the result. It sta

A Useful Infographic Guide To Soldering

Here's an infographic courtesy of Cooksongold that should be very useful to budding solderers! It covers the basics you need to follow to solder succesfully but the most important thing to bear in mind is, like anything, soldering gets easier the more you do it! Copyright © 2016 Cinnamon Jewellery. All rights reserved.