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New Projects In "The Vintage Issue" Of Bead Magazine!

The Oct/Nov issue of Bead magazine (out 21st September) features two of my projects! The theme was "autumn" so I thought antique copper, greens and oranges would fit the bill and came up with a pair of hoop-style wirework earrings with swarovski crystal elements beads in olivine and crystal copper. The earrings are finished with a pair of handmade hoop earwires. The second project shows how to make the hoop earwires plus another pair of simple earwires. I also made a sterling silver version with amethyst beads  The vintage edition looks to be pretty interesting!

A Distinct Lack Of Interest

That's how I'd describe my mood concerning my blog recently. Not because I don't enjoy writing stuff - I do, it's just "other things" have been on my mind. I started a part-time home carer job recently after 18 months of working as a private carer doing a few hours a day so working for a company again feels a bit weird. There've been a few starting hiccups - not knowing when I would get my days off, cocking up my worksheet then expecting me to work 7 days a week without any notice (er, no!) and the inevitable Saturday night " can you help us out, someone's gone off sick " phone calls. After previously working for another care company for five years sometimes doing 15 hour days without a proper break I vowed when I left never to work nights again so the answer to those phone calls is a definite no! I work mornings and that's it :D I am enjoying the work though and the people I go to are lovely. On the jewellery front (much better