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Madam, Was Your Chicken Left Unattended?

The Scene : The kitchen, Sunday evening just after CountryFile The Victim : Left-over barbeque-style chicken breast, cooked for Sunday dinner, covered with foil and secured on kitchen worktop The Crime Scene : The Suspect : Name: Eddie Age:  7 Distinguishing Features : Rips in both ears  Slight swagger when walking due to a back leg injury as a kitten Known Aliases: "monster" "satan's cat" "he's evil that cat" "monkey" "eddiekins" Previous convictions : 1. The taking and carrying upstairs to the bedroom of a packet of fish taken out of the freezer to defrost for tea 2. The scoffing of a bowl of grated cheese left out on the kitchen worktop ready to go on top of the pasta for tea. Two incidents. 3. Due to a strange fruit fetish, helping himself to some sliced strawberries left in a bowl on the kitchen worktop 4. The purloining of small items from the bathroom, namely a sponge and a mini bottle of bubble bath, which w