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Lost Connection and New Earrings

Last Tuesday one of the things I dread happened and I lost my internet connection. Not a good thing when you sell online and especially at this time of year!  A phone call to my ISP informed me "everything's alright our end, you need to get BT to check your line". BT checked the line - it was fine so I reinstalled the modem drivers (yet again) but still no connection. Another phone call to my ISP and they suggested replacing the microfilters - "they only cost a couple of quid" the man said, actually they cost £10.99 each from Comet so needless to say I didn't buy them! So after yet another phone call to my ISP they said they would send me a new modem - which still hasn't arrived! In the meantime I had people I needed to email so resorted to using my mobile to get on the internet. Oh my God - how slow! Fine if you've got three other things to do at the same time as waiting for a page to load, they were taking at least five minutes. I did manage

Go Handmade This Christmas - Nature Lover Ceramic Necklace

Are you looking for something different to give this Christmas? Fed up of the mass-produced stuff on the high street? Why not give handmade! Giving handmade means your gift will be unique and original, made by a skilled crafter who loves what they do. Show your love and give handmade this year! Nature Lover Ceramic Necklace  by Go2Girl on Artfire Kila, the artist behind Go2Girl creates earthy, handmade original necklaces, bracelets, earrings and accessories. Her designs are inspired by nature.

Christmas Gift Ideas - The Folksy Festive Sampler Online

     The Folksy Festive Sampler is now available to view online and what a lovely surprise to find one of my copper bracelets on the front cover! There are lots of handmade lovelies to be found in the Sampler and on Folksy so if you're stuck for what to buy this Christmas and fancy something unique, original and handmade why not take a look below -

Folksy Christmas Gift Guide - Winter Warmers

A mini Christmas Gift Guide from Folksy  - the place to buy handmade in the UK  Winter Warmers    Woolly and velvety goodness to keep you toasty this winter! Hot As Hell Fire Scarf  from Mrs Bee Orange Slippers  from Clicking Pins Red Long Winter Socks  from Legyviel In Rivendell Orange Rose Fingerless Gloves  from Lynwoodcrafts Woollen Socks  from From Roberts with Love Handpainted Silk Velvet Scarf  from BlueBoxStudio

Orbital Inspiration!

Looking through my Blog reading list the other day I visited wirework jewellery maker Linda Jones' blog The Wireworkers Guild  where I found a  tutorial  taken from one of Linda's books for her Orbital Rings. I liked the idea so thought I'd have a go at my own variation of the design. I used 22g (0.6mm) copper wire as it's easier to wrap and using a thick felt tip marker pen wrapped the wire five times around the pen to create the hoops. Instead of wrapping the wire all the way round the hoops I wrapped it three times at the top, made a hanging loop then wrapped three times at the other side before trimming the wire and tucking in the end at the back. I used the other end of the wire to make a few wraps at the bottom of the hoops for balance then trimmed the end and tucked it in at the back. As the hoops were a good size I had enough room in the centre to add a green opal bead which attaches in the gap left by the hanging loop and dangles in the centre of the

Salmon Pink! New Artfire Collection

  A very pretty new collection on Artfire that includes my Rhodonite with Pyrite and copper wirework earrings! Curated by  Sandeeknits PINK SALMON Curated By: sandeeknits Handmade Gifts

Christmas Gift Guide - Cool Bracelets For Cool Girls

It's that time of year again! The Christmas spending frenzy is about to begin so why not make life easier and shop online at Folksy  - the UK's increasingly popular online place for all things handmade? If you're looking for unique and original presents this year for your "cool girl" you may like these........... Charm Bracelet from Silver and Stone  Scottie Bracelet from SpoiltPig Turquoise Jasper & Sterling Silver Bracelet from  Cinnamon Jewellery   Button Bracelet from Realicoul Autumn Leaves Charm Bracelet from Putting On The Charms  Woodland Nymph Copper Bracelet from Wire Moon Jewellery