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Like A Rainbow! New Enamel Pendants

I felt like doing some torch enamelling recently so came up with these colourful pendants using sgraffito and enamel pens. Sgraffito involves scratching a design into the enamel, either the first layer to reveal the metal beneath or you can fire one colour, sift another contrasting colour on top then scratch out a design or just lines to reveal the first colour layer. I went for three different colours which involved using pieces of cardboard strategically placed whilst sifting! Fiddly but I love the effect. I used enamel pens to draw (I use the term loosely!) poppies onto pea green opaque enamel. After firing I added the brown dots to give the flowers a centre. More enamel pen circles and dots. I don't find enamel pens that easy to use, they can be a bit blobby and having to hold them perpendicular and squeeze quite hard at the same time is not condusive to drawing pretty designs! Circles and dots are fine though! I will be experimenting further and making s