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What's New - Earrings and Bangles

In the last couple of weeks I've been busy making new pieces which was a nice change from made to order bangles which take up most of my time these days! I've had chance to make 12 new sterling silver bangles that needed sending off to London for hallmarking. These are now back, photographed and starting to be listed and appear in my Etsy  shop. I've also been using some more of the texture cards from Rolling Mill Resource  on Etsy. I'm so pleased with how well the new designs work on copper and silver. I sometimes had a problem with getting a good imprint on silver but this latest order are working really well. I also used some twisted copper wire I'd had hanging around for a while to make some open hoop earrings. Sterling silver studs always sell well so I used some small pieces of embossed sheet to create some simple disc studs.  I also made a couple of pairs of silver open hoops too. All my new stuff is already up on my website  and I'