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Turning Round Wire Into Square Wire

Up to now I've always regarded the wire grooves on my rolling mill as slightly annoying as they take up space on the rollers that I wish was smooth. Then I'd be able to texture wider sheets of metal instead of the measly 4cm I can do now. I've never had any inclination to make my own wire so the grooves are those things that are just "there". That's up til now! I've known for a while you can make square shaped wire using the grooves so thought I'd have a go. I have searched for square copper and bronze wire in the past and only managed to find the thinner gauges in the UK. Being able to make my own in thicker gauges is a real bonus.  I just need to apologise now for the blurry photos. For some reason I decided not to brace my arm/hand on anything when I took most of the photos..... If you move the two rollers close together on the mill you can see the diamond shape gap the  grooves leave. I annealed some bronze wire and fed it