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Merry Christmas!

It's that time of year again and I've been MIA for the last couple of weeks as far as writing blog posts is concerned. After a slow start {and a little bit of complaining to friends on my part} my Etsy shop and website got really busy with lots of bangle orders and quite a lot of earring and findings sales too. It's great but I'm always a bit relieved when it's over and I can put my shops on holiday. I already have lots of ideas for new jewellery for next year and despite enjoying the break I'm already  feeling some metalwork withdrawal symptoms so I'm not sure how long I will be able to stay out of my jewellery shed! Wishing everyone who reads and comments on my blog a very Merry Christmas!  The fact that you are reading my jewellery ramblings is very much appreciated :D Copyright © 2015 Cinnamon Jewellery. All rights reserved.

The One With The Bottle Of Tabasco

So just why is there a bottle of Tabasco on my jewellery bench? Am I a secret Bloody Mary drinker having a crafty snifter everytime I hear a Pearl Jam song on the radio? Unlikely as I hate tomato juice. I do like Pearl Jam though {and vodka}. No it's there because I needed it for a recent custom order. The buyer contacted me asking for something in copper with a heart to fit over a bottle of Tabasco. It was for his {copper I presume} anniversary and his wife likes Tabasco so he wanted to combine the two. I thought that was sweet. I originally had an idea for a decanter style label in copper with a copper chain attached so it could be hung on the bottle but then the buyer sent me this drawing.... .....which made life a lot easier! He did also offer to send me a catering size bottle of Tabasco to work with - his wife really likes Tabasco - but I told him I could work ok with the normal size and set to work. First I cut out a heart shape from textured copper sheet.