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Stunning Lampwork Beads By Art By Lisi On Artfire

Browsing Artfire yesterday I came across a fabulous shop selling handmade Lampwork beads made by Lisa of Art By Lisi . The bright and colourful photos drew me into her shop where I discovered a large selection of beautiful and very covetable beads. Lisa lives in Florida and discovered lampwork beads after picking up a copy of Bead and Button magazine back in 2002. She learnt all she could about them, bought the equipment and hasn't looked back since! As well as selling on Artfire, Lisa also has shops on eBay and Etsy. She regards the day she picked up that copy of Bead and Button as a blessing and I've got to say I agree with her! After much deliberation I bought a set of these Terracotta Turquoise beauties below. How gorgeous are they??!  To see more visit Lisa's Artfire shop :  Art By Lisi

New Earrings

It was such a lovely bright and sunny day today I thought I'd make the most of it and take some photos of the earrings I finished at the weekend. I'd got busy with my disc cutter again and made two copper pairs, a riveted Sterling Silver disc design and a pair with mint glass rondel beads and handmade Sterling Silver beadcaps! All oxidised and polished up while I watched the Man Utd game on Sunday!

I'm Featured In Bead Magazine!

One morning way back in May I was amazed to see an email from Jean Power, the previous editor of Bead magazine. She'd spotted my jewellery on Etsy and asked if I would like to be featured in the Winter Sparkle edition of the magazine. She also asked if I would do a project with the possibility of regular projects in the future! I was absolutely thrilled as this was one of the things I was hoping to achieve in 2010, although I did think I'd have to do it the hard way and approach the magazine myself! The Winter Sparkle edition features all things sparkly and I decided to make a pair of Swarovski crystal wirework earrings for the project. I've never done a project before so making the earrings for the project was interesting! I made the first one then started the second, stopping at each step to take a photo, doing a bit more then stopping again to take the next photo. It was a bit nerve-wracking and I worried that the photos wouldn't be good enough but I managed it

New Tools New Jewels!

A  couple of months ago I suddenly developed an interest in stamped metal jewellery. After reading Lisa Niven Kelly's book "Stamped Metal Jewelry" I went on a spending spree and bought myself some metal stamps, a disc cutter, hammers, a dapping set, sheet copper and Sterling Silver and hole punch pliers! I also managed to get a security stop put on my debit card due to all the online purchases I was making but a quick phone call to the bank soon sorted that out - very embarrassing when you're trying to pay for your shopping in Tesco!  So armed with my new toys and after teaching myself how to rivet I've been making some new jewellery. I've discovered I love circle designs and abstract holes and I have a bit of a leaning towards the geometric. I haven't gone down the stamped names on bits of metal route yet, I know it's very popular but it doesn't fill me with much creative joy to be honest, I prefer to let my imagination run free! Here are s