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JewelleryMaker Bracelet Project Kit - A Product Review

Just over a week ago I was contacted by Frances, the editor of JewelleryMaker  and asked if I would like to blog about one of their recently launched project kits . The kits are for charm bracelets and contain all the components you need to make the bracelet, the only items you need yourself are two pairs of pliers and a good pair of reading glasses if your eyesight is anything like mine! The bracelet kits are available in plated gold, plated silver, plated antique bronze and plated rose gold. There are different charms available too - stars, leaf and heart mix, gemstone dangles and hearts. I chose a rose gold plated bracelet with leaf and heart charms. It's a far cry from the type of jewellery I usually make but I thought it would be fun to do for a change. I sat down in my shed with my two pairs of pliers, glasses and a cup of tea and began. So what's in the box? The box is a square shape with a lift off lid and multi-coloured stripes down the sides. Inside you

Malachite And Bronze Earrings Revisited

I haven't had much spare time recently so haven't had the chance to make much new stuff but I did get round to altering the etched bronze and malachite earrings I made a few weeks ago. I wrote in this  post about how they didn't hang well. The design means they are a bit bottom heavy and hang at an angle like this.... So I was at a quandry with what to do with them. Do I leave them or do I cut them down and change the way they hang? I couldn't do any more soldering as the stone was set so I decided {eventually} to cut them down and add an earwire to the pierced hole at the top. They now hang evenly but it was a shame to have to alter them although I have come to the conclusion that I'm not keen on the type of earwire I used originally for them. The type that is soldered to the back of the earring then formed into an earwire. The length of the wire and the size of the earrings meant the earwires could easily have been bent {accidently} out of shape.