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New Earrings - A Bit Of A Stud Thing Going On!

Going to jewellery classes has made me want to conquer my still slight anxiety about soldering. I don't know why I'm anxious about it - the worst that can happen is you melt something (done that), get solder where you don't want it (done that too) or the soldered parts come apart when you quench (yes, done that too). So I thought I'd do something easy and make a few pairs of stud earrings. I started simple with some flat discs in copper and silver that I textured using wire and my Bigshot then hammered in areas. I use the posts with the pads as I don't think my hand is steady enough to hold just a post in position while I solder it in place, in fact I know it isn't! I flow some solder onto the pad first then solder into place to make things easier. Then I made two pairs of concave disc studs with a fine silver ball soldered in the centre. I like this design and the fine silver forms a smoother rounder ball than sterling. I textured the discs

Silver Jewellery Class 1st Project - Textured Band Ring

I finished my first project for my jewellery class last week - a textured silver band ring. I've made a few copper and silver rings using wire at home but not from textured silver sheet so it was fun to learn. The photo shows the ring before soldering - I wasn't convinced the join was tight enough but the teacher was happy with it and it soldered fine. I used some plastic netting with the rolling mill to create the texture. I love the rolling mill! I've ordered some skeleton leaves from ebay to use with it in the future as I love the vein texture you get from them. After some filing and finishing with wet and dry the ring was ready for polishing. It came out lovely and shiny but then I decided I wanted to oxidize it so the teacher showed everyone how to do that with LOS. She told me to leave it for 24 hours before cleaning it up after oxidizing which puzzled me a bit as I normally clean up my oxidized jewellery straight away. I cleaned it up when I got home that ni