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I've Got A Bit Of A Thing Going On

A disc "thing" that is. The last few pairs of earrings I've made all feature discs in copper or enamel, with or without beads and with a central "dot". I'm always looking for ways to attach "things" to other "things" when I make jewellery - I think it makes things more interesting. You can do it with rivets, soldering (still learning!) or with wire. I fancied trying it with wire which is probably the easiest of the three and came up with these designs... copper and green impression jasper enamel and copper enamel and sterling silver I'm planning on making more of these with enamelled flowers instead of discs because I think they're quite sweet :D • • Fold Forming • • I felt like a bit of metal bashing the other day so decided on some very basic fold forming - annealing metal to soften it then creating a bend which you then flatten with a mallet or hammer, anneal again and open up to reveal a "fold" across the

New Earring Project In Bead Magazine!

  The latest issue of Bead magazine is out today - 14 March! The theme for projects this time was "spring" so I came up with a pair of sterling silver leaf and curly tendril wirework earrings with a pretty yellow glass "flower bud" dangle If you look carefully you can spot them on the cover :D It looks like an interesting and colourful issue - the lampwork beads on the cover look beautiful and very appealing. I'll have to investigate further when I get my copy!