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Findings Destash!

The mood struck me (and it doesn't happen very often) to have a bit of a sort out of some findings I've had for years and don't use. So I dug some pretty silver metal filigree beadcaps, connectors, Bali Silver spacers and sterling silver toggle fasteners out and photographed them while we still have this glorious sunny weather. Very satisfying! I've just finished listing them in my eBay shop Apologies for the blurry photos - Blogger strikes again!

If It's There I'll Sit On It

Meet Tuppence. Also known as Tuppers. Tuppence likes to perch. It doesn't matter what it is - a pile of cushions, a suitcase on the bed, freshly ironed clothes or an empty plant pot in the backyard, Tuppence will sit on it. She's 16, has a heart murmur and I love her to bits :D

Playing With Patina Inks

Browsing the internet a couple of weeks ago which I tend to do when there's something else I really should be doing (the ironing) but don't really want to do (the ironing), I came across some Ranger patina inks by Vintaj. They looked really interesting and a great way to add some colour to metal. Intrigued I visited the Vintaj site which in my head I now pronounce as "vintaaj" after hearing how the American lady on the Vintaj video said it as she was demonstrating how to use the inks :D It looked really easy to use - apply with a brush, let it dry for a few minutes then sand off. You can mix colours to create your own shades, add a drop of glaze to dilute the colour slightly and also use the glaze to seal the effect when you've finished. Of course I had to try them so I ordered the "Weathered Copper" turquoise/green set and the glaze from a UK website.They are designed to be used with Vintaj findings and filigree beads which look fantastic but you