Rings And Gems!

I posted last week about Joopy Gems and the order of pretty 6mm rose cut cabochons I was eagerly waiting for. Well they arrived last Friday, which is pretty good going considering they were posted in Hong Kong on the Monday. And I didn't have to pay any VAT on them which was even better!

I was really impressed with the quality of the cabs and the faceted top side makes them sparkle nicely in the light. I got to work making rings with them that I'm going to start selling made to order. They do look very pretty so I'm just going to have to make myself a couple! I'm planning to add some plain textured silver stacking rings too so they can be mixed and matched with the gemstone rings.

I also made a couple of twist rings using thin strips of silver and copper to make stylised roses (use your imagination!) I think I'll just make these in particular sizes to start with rather than made to order...... but that may change!

I bought myself a proper ring mandrel too. I had been using an aluminium UK ring sizer not realising it wasn't a proper ring mandrel. I don't know how I thought it was as it's shorter and not as hard as steel so it's looking pretty sorry for itself now. You can see the shiny new steel version in the ring photo above. So there'll be no stopping me now :D

If you would like a 15% discount off your first order from Joopy Gems this link
will take you to a discount code that you can use with your order. I'm going to place another order with them very soon!


  1. Love the new gemmy rings! But I really love that Copper Rose ring!!

  2. Amazing work! I have missed your post. I get so motivated from the pieces you make. I love the new rings.

  3. The faceted cabochons are adorable and beautiful! I love the simple setting you have created. Those folded rings are fantastic as well. Awesome work as always. :)

  4. Loving your rings and love the way you have set the faceted cabs shaping the bezel around the faceting, it makes them look very beautiful. Good luck with lots of sales :)

    1. Thanks Kristin. I received my 2nd order from Joopy Gems today so have a few more lovelies to play with :D


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