New Copper And Silver Earrings

I've been playing with my Bigshot and the Vintaj design folders again. I've decided to rechristen them "design" folders rather than etch folders as the end result looks nothing like an etched piece of metal!
I used 20g copper sheet annealed first to soften it then rolled through the Bigshot. It goes through fine but my cutting pads are suffering a bit and now are both bowed in the centre. Completely useless if I want to use my envelope dies so I guess I'll have to buy some replacement pads soon......

I made a simple pair in sterling silver too. I cut the shape using Xuron metal shears - very impressed with those and they save having to get my saw out and the ridiculous small plastic stool I have to sit on for piercing as the table is too low to use a normal chair!

I also did a bit of simple soldering and made these bead and hoop style silver earrings. Can you tell how much I love these czech glass rondelle beads?!


  1. Very cool earrings! Love the idea that you can emboss without a rolling mill!

  2. Adorable! That is so easy but so lovely. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Lovely and beautiful earnings , I like it .Thanks for sharing it .

  4. What a awesome collection you have. These earrings must provide a great shine in a party. this all're surely class apart!

  5. Love the earrings and the embossing. You cut the shapes out with shears, not a saw? I always get shapes that are bent on the edges when I use shears. Could I ask what model you use?
    Great earrings!!!


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