Silver Filled Wire Earwires.........At Last!

I've finally done something with the silver filled wire I bought a while ago - made some basic earwires! I've just listed them in my findings shop on Folksy and my eBay shop Cinnamon Jewellery Findings (did I mention I had an eBay shop? It's a bit of an experiment really).

I had planned on making headpins too but couldn't work out why I was struggling to make a decent start to a spiral then realised the wire was half hard and I'm used to working with dead soft in sterling!

I'm finding the half hard quite hard to work with (ok for earwires though) - spirals look lumpy and when I tried to make a swirly rosette at the end of a headpin the wire actually snapped! I thought about buying some dead soft silver filled but the price plus postage would mean the end cost would be pretty close to sterling so I knocked that idea on the head.............

Anyway, I've made some hoop style and hook style earwires - nice and shiny and a pretty decent price too :D


  1. they are beautiful! A lot prettier than those everyday sp generic findings. Nice work!

  2. Hi, thanks for showing the earwires, i am still not sure about the wire i am confused about the difference in price points one shop selling for $30 and one for $7 for the exact same gauge and temper.????? they lokk lovely though>
    ttfn Lana :)

  3. Thank you for your comments!
    The more expensive version has a thicker layer of sterling I think.....

  4. The ear wires came out beautiful!!!! ~Val


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