Lost Connection and New Earrings

Last Tuesday one of the things I dread happened and I lost my internet connection. Not a good thing when you sell online and especially at this time of year!  A phone call to my ISP informed me "everything's alright our end, you need to get BT to check your line". BT checked the line - it was fine so I reinstalled the modem drivers (yet again) but still no connection. Another phone call to my ISP and they suggested replacing the microfilters - "they only cost a couple of quid" the man said, actually they cost £10.99 each from Comet so needless to say I didn't buy them!
So after yet another phone call to my ISP they said they would send me a new modem - which still hasn't arrived!

In the meantime I had people I needed to email so resorted to using my mobile to get on the internet. Oh my God - how slow! Fine if you've got three other things to do at the same time as waiting for a page to load, they were taking at least five minutes. I did manage to relist an item in my Folksy shop - it took an HOUR! And that was just relisting!

I'm now online again with a shiny new laptop (early Christmas present, thank you Dad!) but I've got to admit I prefer my pc, the picture quality on the laptop is rubbish - all the photos on sites like Folksy are blurred and pixelated so if anyone has any ideas how to improve them please let me know! In the meantime I will continue to wait impatiently for my new modem to arrive..............

New Earrings
It was lovely and bright yesterday so I took some photos of the new earrings I made recently (before my tripod broke!) soon to be listed on Folksy and Artfire.
On a lighter note I did get a nice surprise in the post on Friday - a £200 tax rebate!

Dogtooth Amethyst and Sterling Silver Hoops

Botswana Agate and Sterling Silver

Green Freshwater Pearl and Sterling Silver

Dogtooth Amethyst and Sterling Silver


  1. GORGEOUS earrings! I especially like the first ones :)
    I hate it when you lose internet connection! I have a blackberry though, so if I lose connection I still get my emails through that. Definitely recommend getting one, it's so handy!

  2. erghhh! Internet connection fail is the worst! I get lost if switch it off switch it back on again doesn't work, lol.
    Loveing the Hoop earrings, they are sure to sell well!

  3. Ooh love those amethyst earrings! They're delicious :) Hope you're internet's sorted soon, I'm afraid I've got no clue on making your laptop images sharper though :(


  4. Thanks for your comments, still waiting for the new modem to arrive!


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