Orbital Inspiration!

Looking through my Blog reading list the other day I visited wirework jewellery maker Linda Jones' blog The Wireworkers Guild where I found a tutorial taken from one of Linda's books for her Orbital Rings.

I liked the idea so thought I'd have a go at my own variation of the design.

I used 22g (0.6mm) copper wire as it's easier to wrap and using a thick felt tip marker pen wrapped the wire five times around the pen to create the hoops.
Instead of wrapping the wire all the way round the hoops I wrapped it three times at the top, made a hanging loop then wrapped three times at the other side before trimming the wire and tucking in the end at the back.
I used the other end of the wire to make a few wraps at the bottom of the hoops for balance then trimmed the end and tucked it in at the back.
As the hoops were a good size I had enough room in the centre to add a green opal bead which attaches in the gap left by the hanging loop and dangles in the centre of the hoops. I decided not to hammer them as I didn't want the flattened look then oxidised them (of course!) and attached copper earwires.
I'm really pleased with the end result and the fact they are pretty easy to make. I'm planning on making a Sterling Silver pair possibly in 20g (0.8mm) next!
I've just listed this pair in my Artfire shop and they will soon be listed on Folksy too.


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