Monday, 18 October 2010

New Tools New Jewels!

A couple of months ago I suddenly developed an interest in stamped metal jewellery. After reading Lisa Niven Kelly's book "Stamped Metal Jewelry" I went on a spending spree and bought myself some metal stamps, a disc cutter, hammers, a dapping set, sheet copper and Sterling Silver and hole punch pliers!
I also managed to get a security stop put on my debit card due to all the online purchases I was making but a quick phone call to the bank soon sorted that out - very embarrassing when you're trying to pay for your shopping in Tesco!

 So armed with my new toys and after teaching myself how to rivet I've been making some new jewellery. I've discovered I love circle designs and abstract holes and I have a bit of a leaning towards the geometric. I haven't gone down the stamped names on bits of metal route yet, I know it's very popular but it doesn't fill me with much creative joy to be honest, I prefer to let my imagination run free!

Here are some of my new designs - most are available in my Folksy and Artfire shops


  1. Love them, i did notice a slight change in your style, I think its a good direction, I love what you do anyway and this just adds a new dimention. I am intreged by the hole punch pliers, off to google it now.

  2. wow, it is beautiful- I definately think it was money well spent! am soooo jealous of your talent :)

  3. oooo Tracy, these are gorgeous....some are my FAVS already! The first set of earrings and the copper and turquoise{?} bracelet....

    You ARE a clever sausage!! ;o)


    hello gorgeous
    p.s. loving the change to the blog too :o)

  4. oh! just to let you know I have changed my grab button slightly too....if you wanna replace it on here just grab it off my blog ;o) xxx

  5. I am so glad you have found your current passion. I think all of your things are wonderful. I am always glad to see what you have posted. I have no particular favorite.. well maybe I think the copper bracelet. I love copper and turquoise together. By the way the kitties are so precious. Pets are such good company with chocolate and tea. Faith in Sunny Florida, I (Faithful Chick)

  6. Looks like you are having a wonderful time with your new skills and supplies. This jewelry is beautiful. Happy creating...

  7. They're all beautiful! I want to have a go at this, especially after my silver jewellery class a couple of weeks ago - maybe I'll take a look at that book :)

  8. Wow, I'm so impressed, they are all gorgeous. I'd love to do that sort of work, but even if I had the tools and the space to work I don't think I could do it, my hands are so weak these days, I find working with polymer clay hard enough!


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