Friday, 16 July 2010

Sterling Silver Headpin Destash!

Just a quickie to say I've just listed some 2" Sterling Silver 24g headpins in my Folksy Shop for a bargain 30p a pair.

I had a mini destash yesterday and found them looking all sad and rejected in my bead box. I tend to use thicker gauge wire these days so I've decided to offer them up to good beading homes.

Available in 10 and 20 pairs so ideal if you just need a few or fancy a change from silver plated headpins and at 30p a pair they are cheaper than lots of places I checked out on the internet!

~♥Available here ♥~


  1. You know I love your wirework...but your photography is just incredible too! Do you use a macro lens?

  2. Thanks Cindy! Will leave a comment on your blog

  3. Hey gorgeous, Twenty Question time! Fab responses to the questions, thanks for participating :o) xx

    LOVIN' how the blog looks now, it's so clean looking. I have a question tho' - when I changed mine to three column I wanted a larger middle column but just couldn't get it right - do you know what the widths are on your three? And what the OVERALL width on your page is?

    Have a fab day.......


    hello gorgeous xxx


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