Finally! I'm Happy With My Photos!

After much experimentation : white backgrounds, bright backgrounds, subtle backgrounds and many visits to my local ESK to buy far too many scrapbook sheets and different coloured paper, I've finally found a background that I'm happy with! And I had it at home all along.

I've started using the back cover of an old Reader's Digest Univeral Dictionary - a sort of silvery~grey colour which I think works ok. I know lots of people prefer a plain white background for jewellery but I found I got a lot of glare from the white especially with silver jewellery and it sometimes looked a bit off white. I think the grey sets off the colours of the beads well and makes them pop and I haven't had to edit the photos as much which saves time.

I've also started using a mini tripod I bought from eBay a few years ago which was immediately shoved into a draw when it arrived. I took one look at it and thought I just couldn't be bothered faffing about with it but I've now started using it together with the timer on my camera so I don't have to worry about having the shakes when I'm taking photos. Those photography guides do make sense after all!

Now I just have to find something I'm happy with for my copper jewellery as the grey is a bit dark for it sometimes depending on the colour of the beads. If any of you have any tips for backgrounds for copper jewellery I would be very grateful!



  1. The photos look great, and really show off your gorgeous work. I'm pleased you've found your perfect background :)

  2. I really like it! Nice to have a bit of texture but doesn't take focus away from the jewellery. Love the red-orange white swirly beads!

  3. Very impressive, I like it! I think it suits your work perfectly and you don't see many jewellery pieces photographed like that.

  4. Well done- they look fantastic! It was worth all that searching for the perfect background.

  5. Your photos look gorgeous! I know how hard it is to photograph silver and it looks like you've cracked it! Really beautiful!

  6. Your photgraphy is excellent...and I agree, it sure can be tricky with silver wire sometimes with silver wire especially. I absolutely love your wirework too! :-)

  7. Great idea and great pics. I'm going to take a new look at my old books.


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