Monday, 8 February 2010

Clever Sew And Sew!

The latest Folksy seller article titled "Clever Sew And Sew" is now on IndieSmiles!
It features Zoe of Top Floor Treasures, Kate of Bluebell And Rosie and Gemma of SugarAndRhubarb. The cute photo of the embroidered picture on the left also in the article is by Folksy seller Kerry of Hello Monkey.

I asked Zoe, Kate and Gemma what was it about sewing they loved, where they buy their materials and whether they recycle.  I don't enjoy sewing and will avoid it if I can but looking at the beautiful things these three Folksy sellers produce it does make me wish I could get over my needle-aversion!

Buttefly Pencil Case ~ Top Floor Treasures
An English Romance Tea Cosy ~ Sugar And Rhubarb
Westie Fabric Wall Hanging ~ Bluebell And Rose

Creep Alert!
IndieSmiles are running a competition for their columnists during February to see who can get the most comments for an article so if any of you lovely people want to leave a comment on IndieSmiles at the end of the article please do and I'll love you forever!

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  1. Thanks again Tracy, is there any chance I can pinch your Indie Smiles badge for my blog sidebar? ;)


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