Thursday, 9 February 2017

New Jewellery For 2017

handmade metalwork and enamel earrings - cinnamon jewellery

Ok, so it is slightly late as it's already February but...... after the mad Christmas rush I closed my shops for a few weeks for a break and to give me time to make some new stock. I spend most of my time making bangles as the majority of my bangle designs are made to order so when I have the chance I make earrings, as many earrings as I can!

I do have a fairly quick turn around with my made to order bangles {3 - 4 days} as I work better under pressure when it's busy but it was lovely to have the time to just play without having to think about getting anything else finished to post for a certain day. I managed to get a few pairs of earrings in silver, copper, bronze and enamel made. I get bored pretty quickly and sticking to just one metal or design type doesn't work for me which is why I produce stuff that is quite varied.

handmade earrings - emamel, copper and silver - cinnamon jewellery

The green speckle enamel earrings are copper sheet I cut into these cool Moroccan/Moorish style tile shapes which is my favourite shape at the mo. I also developed a thing for small silver discs formed into a concave shape and used as a contrasting detail on textured metal.

I also love layered designs.

No reason to show the backs of these earrings other than I like the hanging loop :D

Another layered style - pebble earrings that I originally made from scrap silver that I balled up with the torch then flattened with the rolling mill. This produced "pebbles" of varying shapes and sizes that I would then try and match as best I could to make a pair. Then I realized that making a template from a pair I was in the middle of making and using the template with silver sheet was a bit easier and quicker to do.

I do have an idea for all those different size pebble shapes I've made with the rolling mill which is still in the "thinking about it" stage but may well appear in a blog post in the future.....

I also used a couple of pearl cabs in these paddle shape sterling silver earrings.

I have no idea why I don't make more bezel set cab earrings as I have such a lot of lovely semi-precious cabochons. I really am going to try and use some more of them in earrings this year.

I also made a few pairs of bronze and copper studs which usually sell quite quickly and a pair of bronze hoops with a single twist design.

I still have lots of ideas in my head for new earrings so the next time I have a spare day or two I'll get cracking again {and get my many, many cabochons out!}

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  1. Your pieces are so beautiful! I especially like the earrings pair with the pearl cabs. Best wishes with your jewels collection (good idea to use more cabochons).

  2. Everything is gorgeous Tracy. It is a great feeling when you can simply sit down and be creative. I look forward to seeing more cabochon designs this year. People love stones so I know they will do well in your shop!

  3. Beautiful designs Tracy and they are all quite wearable too. I am very impressed by the hanging earring hook and how clean the solder joint is


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