Friday, 27 January 2017

Meet Pixie

This is my new kitten Pixie. She's almost 5 months old now and adorable. After losing two of my three cats over the past couple of years I've been meaning to get another cat for a while but left it over a year before actually getting round to it!

I was hoping to get a kitten from the local Cat's Protection place but they deemed where I live to be too near a busy road to be able to have anything other than an adult female indoor cat. They had to Google my address as they admitted they didn't know the area but did seem to know the road in question was "too busy" {it's not}.

So knowing an adult female cat probably wouldn't be able to handle my adult male cat Eddie who loves a fight and has bullying tendencies if he senses any weakness in other cats I found a kitten in the local ads.

The first photo I took of Pixie in a rare moment of stillness - she looks very serious here - it didn't last long.

Pixie came from a stables and she smelt very strongly of horses for the first couple of weeks {very strongly!} Her mother was black and her father may have been a Maine Coon...the owner of the stables wasn't too sure. The rest of the litter were a mix of colours and she is a funny mix of grey, light ginger, sand, tabby stripes and spots and a spot of ginger on the top of her head. The bottom of the feet are mostly black too. I suppose she could be described as a tortoiseshell but without any white.

She's a very sweet, affectionate kitten and has no fear of Eddie. She was very keen to get to know him but it took him about a week to get used to this furry bundle of energy rushing up to sniff him and make friends. They now wrestle regularly, usually instigated by Pixie who keeps coming back for more even when Eddie nearly flattens her :D

She prefers to drink running water rather than from a bowl. She hasn't tried drinking from the toilet yet like Eddie used to when he was a kitten. Give it time.... 

Pixie doing pre-liver of sulphur checks....yes, go ahead that bowl doesn't contain anything I could possibly eat. She likes to make sure everything is ok for me before I start oxidizing jewellery. 

 She also likes to get behind things. Electrical things with lots of wires. A squirty water bottle and orange oil help persuade her this isn't a good idea. She seems to have got over her running up the curtains phase but plant eating is still very popular. So is chewing my hair.

She's escaped outside once when the bathroom window was left open too wide one day. Luckily she didn't go far - the backyard of the house next door but one. It's empty at the mo so I had to climb over their high fence to get her back as she was too petrified to move. Let just say I found out I'm a lot more supple than I realized :D

She also came into season a week before she was due to be spayed {about 3 weeks ago} which was before she was even 5 months old. This is really young to be on heat and I wondered what was wrong with her to begin with. With all the noise she was making, rolling around on her back and squirming in front of Eddie {who wasn't the slightest but interested}, I soon worked out what was going on. I'm glad that isn't going to happen again now she's been spayed.

The only decent photos I can get of her are a) when she's about to go to sleep as above, b) when she is asleep and c) when she's just woken up. The rest of the time any photos I take of her are mostly blurred, action shots.

Here's a couple more photos then I promise I'll stop with the waffle about the {adorable} kitten......

Here's an old photo of Eddie just to even things out a bit...

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  1. You have gotten yourself a super adorable kitty. She looks so smart and sassy. I didnt know that cats that young could be in heat but she looks quite big and well built for a kitten

  2. Congratulations on your new housemate Tracy. Pixie does sound like a bundle of energy! She is so cute. Both your cats have such beautiful green in their eyes. The shelters here are also very protective when adopting a cat out. It feels like adopting a child with how thorough the process is!

  3. Oh, she's so adorable :) and it's great she helps you out with your jewellery work ;)
    I like the photo of Eddie pretending not to be put out at the new 'competition' ;)


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