Friday, 26 August 2016

New Rolling Mill Texture Cards

Several months ago I swore off using texture cards with my rolling mill after some pretty unimpressive results with copper and silver sheet. The last lot of patterns I bought were from a different supplier than usual and left me feeling that using the cards wasn't a good idea anymore - the imprinted patterns were so faint.

 Then a friend told me that Tracey from Rolling Mill Resource on Etsy had a GoFundMe page as she needed to raise funds for a new laser cutter machine. In return for pledging a certain amount of money she was offering double the value in texture cards - so $50 would buy you $100 worth of texture cards. Ooh, very tempting, especially as she was promising lots of fab new designs.

So I gave in to temptation and paid $50 {about £35} then waited a few weeks until Tracey had her new laser cutter and had listed her new designs. I then spend ages choosing my designs.
 And here they are... 

Aren't they lovely? I chose a lot of the smaller complete shape designs in pairs as they are perfect for earrings.
The designs seem to be cut deeper than any texture cards I've previously used so I was confident they would produce good results.

I was really pleased with the results - the designs came out very clear, especially on the copper sheet. I'm not sure if it's the colour of the metal that causes it but designs on copper always look better somehow :D  I think I'll get another use out of these three pieces of card too as the design is still deep enough for another go - bonus!

I cut out the shapes and made them into simple earrings. I've not had time to do anything else yet as I've been busy with made to order stuff lately but I'm really looking forward to trying out the other designs I chose.

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  1. These textures are amazing! I love what you have created so far with them. That was very creative of Tracey creating a go fund me page with an exchange offered! What a win-win!

  2. All the jewels looks beautiful:)


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