Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Anticlastic Copper Bangles

Following on from my post last week where I shared how I got on with making my first anticlastic bangle, here are my first anticlastic bangles to be listed in my Etsy shop.

I decided to go with a couple of favourite textures of mine for the copper - leaf vein and stripes.

The stripe texture is made using thin strips of masking tape. I stick a piece of the tape on my cutting board and using a metal ruler and a scalpel I cut way too many thins strips. I always do too many because I forget about the gaps :D

With the help of a pair of tweezers I pick up the strips and stick them to the annealed copper. It's a bit of a slow job but quite therapeutic. Once I've stuck the strips of masking tape onto the metal I trim the bits that hang over the edge. Then the strip of copper is put through the rolling mill. You don't need too much pressure to get a good result.
I remove the strips of masking tape either with the tweezers or if I'm in a hurry I use my torch to burn it off.

This is the result - cool stripes!

I used leaf skeletons with the rolling mill for the leaf vein texture on the other two bangles.

The next step is to trim the copper strips to size and file a straight edge on either end ready for soldering.

 I always flux my joins and dry the flux before adding the solder {which I also dip in flux} before I start to solder. The solder doesn't jump around as much that way as you start to heat the metal.

Once I've rounded the bangle and tidied up the solder join I put sandpaper on top of my steel block and sand the edges of the bangle to get them straight.

The bangles after I formed them on the bangle dies. Photos of this process can be found in my previous post.

I filed and sanded the edges of the bangles to make them smooth and more comfortable to wear. I also sanded the inside of the bangles.

Two of the four bangles cleaned up and ready for oxidizing in liver of sulphur.

Cleaning up the oxidized bangles with wire wool.

Ready to go in the tumbler for a polish.


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  1. The textures and patterns are gorgeous! I love how the bangles look finished with a shine.

  2. I like your attention to detail. So important to remember. Bravo!

  3. So Simple, but makes the copper look like expensive gorgeous jewelry.
    Great Job!!

  4. This are really really beautiful!!! Awesome!

  5. Such a great idea.I love the color of copper!

  6. The shine on those bangles is amazing, they actually look like polished mahogany. Really beautiful work, and I think you've really nailed the anticlastic design :)


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