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The One With The Bottle Of Tabasco

So just why is there a bottle of Tabasco on my jewellery bench? Am I a secret Bloody Mary drinker having a crafty snifter everytime I hear a Pearl Jam song on the radio? Unlikely as I hate tomato juice. I do like Pearl Jam though {and vodka}.

No it's there because I needed it for a recent custom order. The buyer contacted me asking for something in copper with a heart to fit over a bottle of Tabasco. It was for his {copper I presume} anniversary and his wife likes Tabasco so he wanted to combine the two. I thought that was sweet.

I originally had an idea for a decanter style label in copper with a copper chain attached so it could be hung on the bottle but then the buyer sent me this drawing....

.....which made life a lot easier! He did also offer to send me a catering size bottle of Tabasco to work with - his wife really likes Tabasco - but I told him I could work ok with the normal size and set to work.

First I cut out a heart shape from textured copper sheet.

Apologies for the blurry photo, I'm on a diet and think it could be chocolate withdrawal that's giving me the shakes :D

I then cut out two smaller hearts and soldered them to the large heart. A bit of excess solder to clean up there I think!

I added some stamped detail to the small hearts after sanding the excess solder off.

The next step was to solder some 2mm copper wire to the back of the heart but in my excitement I forgot to photograph that bit so this photo shows the wire already soldered onto the back of the heart after I'd started to shape it to fit the curve of the bottle of Tabasco.

And here's a photo of the heart being shaped on a hoop mandrel...

Another dreadfully blurry photo - God knows what I was doing!

The next step was to hold the heart in position over the bottle of Tabasco and pull the copper wire around and up the neck of the bottle so whole thing would slip over the bottle with the heart sitting nicely on the front over the label. Another stage where I got too engrossed in what I was doing and forgot to take a photo! Above is the finished oxidized version.

And this is the heart in position..

What a lovely thing to do for your anniversary, I really hope his wife liked it. 

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  1. What a fun project! It came out amazing. That was a great idea of your customer drawing it out. I am sure his wife will love it! With this design you could make some really cool things for wine bottles or other such items!

  2. And now you just gave me some ideas for wine tags! Yay you!!!

  3. Great idea. We had our copper anniversary this year and decided that when we are more settled in our new place we will get something copper for it. Not quite sure what yet but time will tell. ;)

    1. Thanks for your comment! Copper is very versatile so there's plenty of things you could get to celebrate your anniversary :D

  4. Hey! Really what a beautiful post. How creative was this with the tobacco. I was quite like whatttttttt, with the tabasco. Creatvity my friend :)


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