Thursday, 14 May 2015

It's Been A Bit Of A Bronze Week

I managed to get a couple of pairs of bronze earrings finished last week that I photographed at the weekend and I also had a custom order for some bronze stacking bangles so it definitely has been a bit of a bronze week.

The bronze stud earrings above are made by melting bronze wire into pebbles then flattening the pebbles to create off-round and oval organic-looking shapes. After forming them into concave bowl shapes I tidied up the edges then paired them up and soldered them together with a fine silver ball for decoration and contrast.

I oxidized these then cleaned them up a fair bit so the dark areas are just in the crevices.

I also made some simple oval bronze earrings with an etched pattern and a turquoise jasper bead added to the earwires for a bit of colour.

I still find bronze a bit unpredictable compared to copper where liver of sulphur is concerned but I do love the golden brown colour you get when it does behave nicely and oxidize evenly :D

I also made a set of skinny bronze bangles with stamped letter disc dangles.

These were for a custom order and the initials stand for the names of the customers children. Not my usual thing as stamping letters in a straight line isn't a natural gift for me {!} but I can manage one letter!

I'm planning on making a set of leaf vein texture bangles using flattened 3.5mm {7g} wire very soon. My bronze bangle selection is a bit limited at the moment and needs more variety and as I'm getting more used to working with bronze and it's little quirks I feel a lot more confident in adding a few new designs. Watch this space!

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  1. Absolutely beautiful jewellery! Can't say which piece is my favourite - they are all FAB

  2. Love the bronze look, I ordered some recently (well, a while ago!) and haven't been brave enough to use it yet!

    1. Have a go Claire, it's a harder metal than copper but doesn't need as much heat when soldering :D

  3. Your bronze pieces are beauties! I love the custom initial bracelet. I can sort of stamp in a straight line but don't like it to be too perfect since the handmade look is what I like. :)

  4. I am the proud recipient of the bronze bangles (without the initial discs) that you mentioned above and I love them! Never have had bronze jewelry before, and here in the US you see alot of copper & brass, but not bronze. They have a lovely sound, and as Tracy has mentioned a slightly more golden hue than copper. Maybe bronze will take off in popularity.

    1. Thanks for your comment Kim! Bronze doesn't seem to be as popular as copper but maybe it will as more people use it.

  5. Update: Since bronze is the subject of choice for 2015, I wanted to share that my bangles have darkened to a richer caramel with highlights of the pink shining it on the skin, especially in the summer sun. I ordered the bright finish because I wanted the option of seeing it transform naturally (on my skin and with our high humidity here) and then later returning it back to the bright rose gold color with a lemon, ketchup, hot sauce, or whatever I have in the fridge that my brightens my copper & brass pieces. Fun stuff...



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