Rolling Mill Textures On Metal and Copper Jellyfish

I've been quite busy recently with the usual orders {bangles and findings} plus I had a custom request to make a pendant in silver using the buyers rather lovely chequer cut labradorite cabochon. I've just posted that off so will wait to hear from the buyer before I post a photo.

I've got several things on the go at the moment, mainly some more copper shapes to finish so I can do a bit more enamelling with decal decoration. I also have ideas for some studs using the bronze and silver pebbles I made a few weeks ago. But in the meantime I have had a bit of time to make some embossed bronze and sterling silver studs. After deciding I don't have a lot of success using texture cards with sterling silver in the rolling mill - the results vary from a very faint pattern to ok-ish but not as deep as I'd like. However, using etched copper or brass to add pattern to silver with the rolling mill is much more successful. 
I discovered I had some brass sheet that I'd etched a while ago using nail art plates...

The size is quite small {they're designed for nails after all!} but they do work really well for etching using nail varnish as the resist and you can buy lots of different styles and designs depending on your taste. If you want to learn more I wrote a blog post about using nail art plates to etch sterling silver in 2013.

I used the etched brass sheet to texture bronze and silver sheet and the designs came out well. You obviously get the negative of the original design but it still looked ok.

I used the embossed metal to make these simple stud earrings...

handmade bronze stud earrings © Cinnamon Jewellery 2015

sterling silver embossed stud earrings © Cinnamon Jewellery 2015

I also wielded my jeweller's saw and produced what I like to call stylized jellyfish earrings in copper with a stabilized turquoise cabochon and silver balls. Or if you turn them the other way up they could be stylized flames :D Anyway I like the shape!

For someone who struggled with sawing metal when I started and preferred to use shears if at all possible I now love using my saw and find it really therapeutic to cut intricate{ish} shapes out of metal. I have an idea for a pierced design probably in etched copper layered on top of coloured leather and riveted to a base of copper. I can see it in my mind but I'm not sure how long it will stay there before I get round to doing it.....

Copyright © 2015 Cinnamon Jewellery. All rights reserved.


  1. The stylised jelly fish looks really cool and is very fluid. May I ask,on what gauge sheet have you done the etching with nail paint?

    1. Hi Divya,
      It was a while ago but I think I used 18g and 20g (1.0mm and 0.8mm}.

  2. Beautiful work. I love the embossed studs. The jellyfish earrings are really unique. Great thought that you could flip them around to show flames instead!

  3. These are lovely I love all the texture. Thanks for your comment on my work on the Spiral Fountain Jewellery Blog

  4. Che meraviglia!!! Sei bravissima!!! E io invidio molto il tuo rolling mill...

  5. Loved the stud ear rings, they made me remember those classy old coins unearthed from those old civilization sites. Jellyfish earrings looked very stylish and perfect for a high profile social occasion.

  6. Beautiful work! And after reading the last paragraph, I can only hope that I will get to like sawing as well ;)


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