Tuesday, 23 December 2014

All Bangled Out!

Yes it really has been a bangle-tastic very busy run up to Christmas in my Etsy shop and website with my copper and silver poppy bangle sets and singles proving to be the most popular choice with my buyers. Every time I checked my emails there would be one or two more bangle orders! I don't know what was going on but it certainly kept me busy for what felt like weeks. I counted up my bangle sales and discovered I'd made 103 bangles between the 1st November and 16th December. That together with made to order findings and earring sales {the earrings already made thankfully} I was starting to feel a little bit frazzled. And I still needed to do some more Christmas shopping and start writing my Christmas cards and do the ironing and lots of other very important stuff.....

As it got nearer to the cut off dates for Christmas posting to the US and within the UK I remembered what happened last Christmas with a few buyers wondering where their items were/could I make and send their order in the same day {yes, just!} and one bangle that was frantically ordered over the phone two days before Christmas. It was a scramble but thankfully everything arrived. But I just didn't want to do that again this year so I deactivated the bangle listings in my Etsy shop on the 16th.  Then the following evening I got a message on Etsy wondering what had happened to them I explained but then gave in when the buyer politely asked if I could just do one more for him....... He was very grateful but that was definitely it and I then put my Etsy shop on holiday and removed the shopping basket from my website.
  And heaved a sigh of relief.

This silver bangle with coil decoration was another popular choice this Christmas

I had planned on closing on the 24th for a couple of weeks to have a break and make some new stuff but I started to feel that if I saw another order for bangles I might just climb up onto the roof of my shed and throw myself off. Have no doubt I am so grateful for all the sales but I really need a break!!

So now I have some time to myself. I've got my cards written and the presents bought and went out for a boozy lunch with my friend. I've done those boring chores that needed doing. I also had time to unpack a little treat I bought myself recently. It had been sitting on the dining room table for about a week while I was still in the midst of my mad bangling session. It's this.....

PepeTools Premium Disc Cutter Kit 1/8" - 1" 412-445

The Premium Pepe disc cutter. Quite expensive {say it quietly} compared to the economy versions I already own but it's a real beauty and it came with a set of centre finding punches which means I'll be able to make my own washers. I haven't got round to trying it yet but soon will!

 Even though my shop is closed I can't quite wean myself off Etsy and have been spending a bit of time on the forum reading lots of posts from sellers about their buyers complaining their item hadn't arrived yet and wanting a refund and one seller with 80 open orders two days before the cut off posting date who seemed quite chilled about it {complete madness!} I am quite happy that I can forget about all of that stuff for a while....although there is a chance I might still get an email from a buyer in America wondering if her last minute order will arrive before Christmas.....

I like this time of year as a lot of my jewellery that's been around for a while does tend to sell so it always inspires me to come up with some new designs for earrings and bangles and I also want to make more of the sgraffito enamel designs that I haven't had time to do yet and try again with resin. Having this spare time is dangerous though as I find things online that look interesting and I feel the need to try. The latest is anticlastic forming and I already have a stake and set of hammers lined up to buy "soon"........

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas!

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  1. Hi Tracy, Congratulations on a successful holiday season of sales! Your bangles are great gift ideas. My sales were crazy too with lanyards and eyeglass chains flying out of my shops. I'm finally breathing again.

    The last minute orders baffle me too. I would never attempt to order something last minute to be delivered. Too daring! Anything can happen to a package that is out of our hands. Your new tool looks awesome! I am sure you will notice a huge difference in efficiency when you start using it.

    Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!


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