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New Jewellery, Custom Orders & A Cat In A Basket

Meet Tuppence my constant companion who would suction herself to my lap if it was possible. I took this photo in my work shed where, despite deciding the cats were not going to be allowed, she likes to keep me company and it is a bit hard to keep her out when the door is open on a nice day anyway. The baskets were put there until I decide what to do with them {they'll probably be there a while then} but being a cat Tupps had to sit in them. Then she squished herself into a lying position and went to sleep even though it is much too small.......funny girl :D

I didn't post last week as I felt a bit off with really bad back ache that I was convinced was sciatica as the pain ran down my left leg too but after admitting defeat and going to the doctors on Friday he thought it was more of a bad posture thing. He showed me some exercises to do and gave me some Tramadol. I've done the exercises several times and they hurt a lot at the moment. It is much better this week but still painful and a bit twinge-y so I'm trying to remember sit properly with shoulders back and try really hard not to groan too much when I walk down the road to the post box!

I still had orders to make last week despite not feeling that great and I've been busy with more this week. Here's some of them at various stages of finishing...

The enamel studs are finished, the silver and copper rose rings need cleaning up and oxidizing, the copper and pearl earrings need oxidizing and setting and the thing on the left covered in solder will be another copper rose ring to replace the copper ring at the back after the buyer decided to change the size the day after I made it! Luckily the first ring fits my middle finger so guess where that will be going when it's finished. 

I also managed to get some items photographed earlier today...

Another tab set copper pendant with frilly edge and stabilized turquoise cab

Etched silver triangle and square studs - very simple but I think they are quite cool and feel the need to make myself a pair.....

And finally an etched copper hexagon shaped ring made from copper tubing and a hexagon shaped bezel mandrel.

My jewellery class ended last night. I won't be going again next year but I am thinking of trying the ceramics class! I think that would be fun. I enjoyed the jewellery classes and they did help me to become more confident with soldering even though I didn't actually get on with soldering very well when I was there! I learned to bezel and tube set, use a jig saw, make a non-conforming die and cast using cuttlefish bone. Plus other stuff and meet some lovely people. I wonder what the ceramics course will be like.........?


  1. This is really nice topic, which is very use full for me.

  2. Hi there! Sorry to hear about your back - I wanted to offer some advice? First up, the term sciatica just refers to pain in the sciatic nerve (which basically runs down the rear-side of your leg, before splitting into different branches at your knee), so posture can cause this pain, and if it is caused by posture then it doesn't mean it isn't sciatica!!
    Secondly, if it so bad that it's going down your leg then I think you should definitely go back to the doctor and try and get a referral for physiotherapy - and male sure to tell them that it's interfering with your work. A physio will be able to help you with exercises and tips for your work space to help prevent this back pain. It's so much easier to do something now, if the pain gets chronic it can be so horrible!!

    Sorry for a long-winded and potentially sticking-my-nose-in type of comment, but I did physio training yonks ago, and I hate to think of people suffering in pain when I know that help is there!

    I hope it all gets well soon - and I hope you enoy the ceramics course if you do it! Your jewellery is so gorgeous and original, I'd love to see how your ceramics would turn out!

    Debbie x

    1. Thanks Debbie and it wasn't a stick-your-nose-in type of comment! Thanks for the advice. I do feel a lot better now but if it happens again I will go back and ask for a referral to a physio as I think that would definitely help.

  3. Thanks for sharing your innovative ideas and design with us.

  4. Love those etched studs!! Hope you're feeling much better now :)

  5. What a pretty cat, looks like those beautiful fur shades of copper inspires your work!

    1. I'd never thought of that but I think you're right!

  6. As a newbie entering the jewelry space, this blog is enlightening. Keep the wisdom coming!

  7. Hello

    Your blog is very nice you have done a very nice jobs


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