Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Lists, The New Year And Things I Really Like


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Firstly, Happy New Year to everyone!! I hope 2014 proves to be a good year.

Like everyone else, the end of the year makes me think about what I've done over the past year and what I want to do in the new year. It's also a time I makes lists. I make lists all the time as they make me feel organized but the start of a new year is the time for lists. I currently have two lists on the go: a "to buy" list......

and a jewellery "to do in 2014" list....

Click on the photos if you really want to see what I've written!
I've made a good start on the "to buy" list and I'm now waiting for lots of nice packages to arrive through the post. One thing I have come to realize over the past year is that I have developed a bit of a thing for stamps. My stamp colection now has it's own box to live in. I started buying them to use for etching copper and have also started using them to decorate my jewellery packaging. I use flower stamps and a "thank you" stamp on a tag I attach to gift wrapped jewellery and I also started using them to prettify the PIP boxes I use for posting jewellery in the UK. The boxes are brown and a bit boring so I now stamp them on the back and inside with various designs. They look a bit more interesting now!

When I was browsing recently for "stuff" I came across a lovely craft website called Sticky Tiger. It's a really nice looking site and you can find a large variety of craftiness there such as stamps (really?!), haberdashery, jewellery making things, papercraft and packaging. Their selection of stamps is a bit different from the norm and there are some at very reasonable prices.I bought a few new ones just after Christmas which arrived last Saturday (28th Dec). I also found a couple of sites that sell Indian wooden carved stamps similar to this one from Etsy shop Indian Beautiful Art.

I bought a few of those too from Rainbow Silks......well they were only £2.50 each! I'm hoping they will work well with Stayz On ink for etching copper.

I have lots of ideas for new jewellery in 2014 (see list!) Since I started making jewellery "properly" I've become a bit of a multi-tasking fiend. I can't bear to have nothing to do and often have three things on the go at once. I never got round to making anymore enamel cabochons so that's something I must do plus start using up the stone cabs I have. My handmade findings need an overhaul and those that don't sell well retired and new designs added. I'm already thinking about Valentine's Day and things to make with hearts. My strange new love of sawing and piercing also continues (strange because I used to hate it!) so some pierced design pendants will probably appear at some point during the year.
I also have my rolling mill to play with and a bit of tidying and sorting out to do so from where I'm standing I think 2014 is going to keep me very busy one way or the other!


  1. Happy New year and thanks for the heads up on those indian stamps...they'll be great for clay work too :) Looking forward to seeing where 2014 takes you.

  2. lol it looks like you're not alone with those stamps! There is a shop where my mother lives that has a selection of them too and they're simply gorgeous! I'm a list maker too, I've made one for things to buy a couple of years ago (mainly big ticket tools) and I'm slowly crossing things off. And every year I make a list of 'goals' for learning new techniques. I hope you had a great start to the new year and that 2014 is awesome for us all! :)

  3. Thanks Em! I enjoyed a little break over Christmas and New Year but now I'm ready to get going again!


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