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Rolling Mill Textures - Leaf Skeletons

Last time I blogged about the Durston rolling mill I'd just bought. I love it. I haven't had a chance to really have a play with it yet thanks to being busy with orders (which is a good thing!) But I hope to have a good old go on it soon. I received some textured cards today from Rolling Mill Resource, a wonderful shop on Etsy. The cards are specially textured for use with a rolling mill or metal clay and are available in lots of cool designs and sizes. Here's one of the designs I choose.....

G611 Rolling Mill (Paisley Outline) 4"x5" Low Relief Pattern

I was really pleased to see that the shop owner Tracey Perseverance Johnson had included a couple of extra patterns too which was very kind of her. So I'm slowly collecting textures to try with the rolling mill. I have some brass texture plates and some very fine netting (it's probably got a proper name but I'm no seamstress so haven't got a clue!) I also have a couple of embossing folders that you use to add raised texture and patterns to paper and card. They are made of sturdy plastic and if I can cut them so they fit the width of my rollers I'll have a go with those too. I'm also interested to see what twisted wire looks like when flattened. So I think I'm going to enjoy experimenting with my favourite piece of machinery :D

I did try some copper and sterling silver with the leaf skeletons I've had for a while and here's what I made with the results...

A pair of simple studs in oxidized finish. I love these and must make myself a pair! I also made a pair in a bright silver finish too. 

Copper leaf earrings with tube set stabilized turquoise and fine silver balls. I'm still finding tube setting a challenge as I think I'm a bit gung-ho with the grinding of the seat and struggle a bit to get the stone to fit sometimes without a lot of trying the fit and re-doing the grinding bit then making a mess and having to start again! I was the same with cabochon setting at first but I got there in the end. Tube setting is supposed to be "easy" according to some people. One day I will be one of those people  :D

A sterling silver leaf pendant with tube set moonstone. I love moonstone. It goes really well with oxidized silver and this tube setting was easy to do compared to the copper earrings which gave me a false sense of security.....but not for long!

 I will post more on rolling mill textures as soon as I get a chance.


  1. Very beautiful! I don't have a rolling mill but you make me want to buy one. Excellent work!

  2. Simply beautiful work as always! I use skeleton leaves quite often. You also might look into using some satin ribbon (from the craft store). It makes a nice pattern too. Lacy doilies work nicely as well. Have fun!

  3. Thank you for your comments!
    I will try satin ribbon Vicki, I imagine it will give the metal a lovely texture.

  4. Ohhh very nice. Mine has been sat in a box since moving here. It's a crime really but now we know we move again next year it's prob going to stay there. Hair works quite well and can make a personal present. Have lots of fun.

  5. I wish I was halfway as good with the rolling mill as you are! Probably not doing it right. I love those copper earrings :)

  6. Thanks for your comments.
    I suppose it's just getting the pressure right. The one I used at night classes had uneven rollers that didn't give an even impression when you used them which was very frustrating!

    I might try hair, I hadn't thought of that. Thanks for the idea CC :D

  7. Oh my.... I am SOOOOO jealous! Do you think Santa might give me a rolling mill for Christmas? I've been a good girl this year!

    I am loving your new pieces, they're really lovely and thanks for the link to that Etsy shop.

    Maybe one day....

  8. Those leaves are beautiful - rolling mills can seem quite magical with the effects they produce. It's wonderful to see your work :)

  9. Thank you! It's amazing what a nice texture can do to a piece.

    Kristin, I'm not sure Santa's sleigh would get off the ground!

  10. Beautiful work! I have been looking for a tutorial on roll printing leaves and have been unable to find one. Do you know where I can find instructions?

  11. Where did you find that sheer leaf skeleton? I've seen them on websites, but have no idea where to find them.

    1. I bought some from The Range (a shop in the UK selling a mixture of stuff including lots of craft supplies) but you can find them on ebay or craft sites online quite easily.

  12. I was quite intrigued by the card textures on Etsy, but it seems like you would only get one or two uses out of them, which would make them rather expensive. Have you tried them yet? And are you just using the regular organic leaf skeletons? I never thought those delicate items would make an impression in the metal! By the way, I tried the embossing folders with no luck. I tried opening the mill up wide, but the curve it makes in the metal broke the plate. You might try taking it out of the frame altogether before using.

  13. Thanks for your comment karynl.
    I have managed to use some of the card textures three times but normally you can get two rolls out of them. I use the skeleton leaves you buy from craft stores.
    I wouldn't recommend using the Vintaj metal embossing plates in your rolling mill though! I used mine with my Sizzix Bigshot.

  14. Love those pieces! Ive been trying to use regular dried leaves but i have not been able to get any sort of I will have to try those skeleton leaves!


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