Monday, 25 November 2013

Creative Cities Blog Feature

I am currently featured on Rosie and the Boys, a blog by Rosie about creative crafts. Rosie is a papercut artist, professional florist and independant designer/maker who writes about her life and her creative interests. The blog is really interesting and varied and includes a section called "creative cities", where a different town/city and it's handmade community is featured for a week which is where my jewellery business came in. Rose decided to feature Eastbourne in East Sussex and found my shop on Etsy. She sent me some questions and you can read my answers in her latest post - Jewel of the South - An Interview With Cinnamon Jewellery.
Eastbourne and it's crafting community is being featured all week so if you are interested check back to Rosie's blog every day this week!


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