Thursday, 1 August 2013

Using Enamel Cabochons In My Jewellery

I know how to torch enamel and I know how to bezel set cabochons so I thought it was about time I put the two together! I've been thinking about it for "ages" and last week I actually got round to doing it. I started small (of course I did, I like to make life difficult!) and made four 9mm cabs from copper.

The enamelling was a bit tricky and Klyre Fire was called for so the enamel powder stuck to the front of the cab and didn't slide off. I discovered it was better to gently (very gently!) dry the klyre fire using my torch than let it air dry as it is very easy to knock the cab once the klyre fire is dry and watch the enamel slide right off. I got there in the end and produced two dusky pink and two sea green enamel cabs.

I was then slightly paranoid that they would crack but as they are formed (domed) and counter enamelled for added stability they were fine. I had to be a bit more careful than normal when it came to handling them and when I set them as they are a bit more delicate than stone cabs. I used my wooden bezel pusher - a customised peg in other words - to set them and it worked out fine. I made a copper and silver heart pendant using the zentangle etched copper I made recently and a pair of sterling silver disc earrings with the green enamel cabs.

I've yet to decide what to do with the second pink cab but at the mo I'm thinking a silver pendant.........maybe!
I enjoyed making both of these pieces and can feel myself slowly getting more confident with my soldering. I love that making my own enamelled cabs means I can make virtually whatever colour I want. Next time I'll make life easier and go bigger and will probably take photos too :D


  1. That locket was superb really.

  2. Lovely work Tracy! Spesh love those silver earrings, you wouldn't ever guess they were enamelled cabs, well done!

  3. I can't help but feel we must be on the same wave length.....ever since I've discovered your wonderful blog, I have been amazed with the work you are doing! It is like I have found a kindred spirit in the process of learning new jewelry techniques, and I love how you describe your new experiences! I have been thinking about trying a torch fired enamel cab, and voile! You have given me inspiration! Thank you so very much for the work you share, and the beautiful artist that you are!

    1. Thanks for your lovely comment Vickie, it's good to know my posts are useful. I've just got a kiln and am in the process of getting used to enamelling with's a bit of a learning curve :D


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