A YouTube Gem I Have To Share!

soham harrison 

If you're a budding metalsmith who wants to watch decent how-to videos made by an experienced jeweller then have a look at Soham Harrison on YouTube. I discovered his videos a couple of weeks ago and love watching them! 

Easy to follow - in other words no weird music/total silence/blurred images or hands in the way, Soham's 141 videos cover a huge range of projects including claw setting, bangles, rings, bezel setting, sweat soldering and die forming plus some on how to use various tools and then there's the one on making creme brulee :D

He has a very calm manner and explains things clearly plus explains what to do if something doesn't go as it should. They're great to watch if you need a bit of inspiration too.


  1. Thanks so much for sharing a great find! Watched several of the videos already and will be going back for more :)

  2. I stumbled across him a little while back and I wish I'd have discovered him sooner. He is an awesome teacher :)

  3. Yes he makes it really easy to follow and understand.
    Plus I've picked up a few tips to make life easier like using masking tape on my finger when I'm sanding small items. The tape holds the small piece of metal in place and stops me wearing away my fingerprint!

  4. I have just found the Soham Harrison YouTube clips, and they are fascinating. He is an excellent teacher, and very knowledgeable, and he is a great example of the internet as its best.
    Thank you


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