Rainbow Lovelies - Enamel Stud Earrings

I posted recently about some enamel earrings I made recently and how I was going to make some more small enamelled stud earrings. My first attempt at them a while ago was a bit fraught as it involved using enamel solder and enamelling the back over the soldered on post. I hadn't done much soldering at that point so was a bit, well, scared really! It worked ok then and it worked ok a few days ago when I made the little group above. I thought I'd take a family portrait before they were separated!

Pea green topped with lichen and robin's egg blue

 I could make life easy for myself and just enamel the front like a lot of the enamelled studs you see on Etsy, I could but then I'd be waiting for the cracks to appear in the enamel which they have a habit of doing on thin gauges of metal without any counter enamel. I know this because I tried it :D

They are "easy" to do really, just a bit fiddly with being pretty small at 7.5mm. The orange speckled pair were one of those experiments where I couldn't think what colour to do so tried a base of nut brown with sunset orange, pastel pink and brown with a bit more pink and brown added on top. You still can't really see the pink! They make me think of Bet Lynch and animal prints for some reason......

I looked up the 2013 spring/summer colour predictions and this mint green is in apparently.

And a colour I haven't used much so far - Robin's Egg Blue, a really delicate light blue which is quite hard to photograph as the light bounces off the colour.


  1. These are amazingly beautifull, they almost look like sweeties, love them, they are elegant and cute at the same time!!

  2. The studs are so sweet. I love the color variety and markings.

  3. They are beautiful! Love the colours

    All the best, Kate

  4. they are sooooooooooooo cute omggg !!! me just going on seeing the pictures..... really soooo cute and beautiful

    thanks for this post :) :)


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