10% Off In My Etsy Shop? Yes Please!

I've decided to have a 10% off event in my Etsy shop
until 31 December. That's 10% off everything including my handmade findings!
Just use the code "CINNAMON" to qualify.

I felt the need to stamp circles on metal last week. I have a thing about circles which apparently goes back to my childhood. Way back when I was three and we lived in Toronto my Mum's friend Judy always knew which child had scribbled on her apartment wall in crayon { circles : me, other things : her son }
I still love circles today and they do feature in my jewellery quite a lot in one form or another :D

Not circles but leaf vein texture using skeleton leaves and the rolling mill at college on a piece of "practise" copper sheet which found it's way home with me and turned into a pair of earrings :D


  1. Silly me the circle studs are on this post, but I still love them!!

  2. There are some truly wonderful pieces here. Great photos too!

    Best wishes, Alex


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