Tuesday, 10 July 2012

All Together Now!

After taking up Folksy's offer of their Plus account recently I've decided it makes sense to combine my two Folksy shops and move my handmade findings into my jewellery shop.
So..................after spending rather a long time (let's just say it was most of Saturday) copying and pasting descriptions from one shop to another, my new combined jewellery and findings shop is finished. I even relisted a load of jewellery too to get the front page of my shop looking like a jewellery shop again. I'm liking the Plus account very much!

As for the tediousness of doing it all I know Folksy are working on speeding up the listing process but dear God! At the same time as listing my findings/waiting for pages to load, I managed to a) edit 25 photos, b) use my Bigshot to cut out a load of mini envelopes and c) fold and glue most of said mini envelopes together.


  1. Hi Tracey, agree your shops looking fantastic Haldis x

  2. Congrats for your jewellery shop.. all the best!

  3. I was tempted to split my own shop up to get some coherence which is desperately needed.
    However your items go so fantastically well together and they seem to promote each other - people looking for components get inspiration from your finished pieces and people looking for jewellery can see what quality components they're made from. Win win.

    Love the new embossed metals


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