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Just before Christmas I decided to have a go at making some jewellery with copper clay. This medium fascinates me - I love the scope it gives you in shape, texture and design

I'd read that it was possible to fire copper clay with a torch which was great as I don't have a kiln. The distinct lack of definitive firing times for copper clay using a torch should have made me think about it a bit more! The brand I used recommended at least 7 minutes for small pieces......................

I tried and tried with my propane/butane mix torch to sucessfully fire my small and not very thick pieces to a fully sintered stage - where the clay has changed structure and become 100% copper. Up to 15 minutes plus on most pieces and did it work? No it did not! Being used to working with sheet copper and feeling slightly suspicious of the look of the fired and cleaned up clay pieces, I took my pliers to them and managed to snap every single piece quite easily, revealing a very thin layer of copper around the outside with the centre still very much in it's clay form! So disappointing! The thin copper layer tricks you into thinking the torch firing worked - the piece sounds metallic when you drop it into the pickle pot and looks like copper when you clean it up but attempt to bend it with some pliers and watch it snap! I contacted the manufacturer asking for some guidelines on firing times and was basically told what I already knew - fire for a minimum of 7 minutes, no other info at all. Very helpful! Firing them for longer may have worked but pointing a torch at a small piece of clay for 20 minutes plus is not time-effective, not very good for your health and would frankly drive me insane!

And the moral of this? Don't believe what the manufacturers tell you about torch firing copper clay - in my humble opinion it does not work. Correctly firing it in a kiln is the way to go!

Hence the reason I'm selling my pmc books and tools! Available in my eBay shop

 New Directions In Metal Clay by Cece Wire 

Metal Clay Jewelry by Louise Duhamel

Texture mats

Roller, needle cutter and circle cutter set

More texture mats


  1. Oh what a shame! I do know people who say the've torched fired copper clay successfully but I've never managed it either. I use a kiln and even with that base metal clay can still produce far more issues than silver. I have things working well now but it took a lot of testing. That said, your sheet metal work is beautiful so at least we'll see plenty more ofthat!

  2. Thanks Lesley! It is a shame it didn't work as I did enjoy the making side of it :D

  3. Keep your tools and try the silver clay, you can use a torch on these, or either try a butane gas torch rather than the propane as it gets hotter, this is mapp gas in the yellow bottle, i would try this before you give up.

  4. Don't give up on metal clay! You might get a kiln one day! I have never fired my pieces in a kiln, only torch fired them, but most of them are tiny, so they worked ok.

  5. Thanks! I did think about trying silver clay but the price is so high which puts me off.
    Will stick to sheet metal I think!

  6. I mentioned in an earlier comment that I love near to Eastbourne, and I do have kilns, if you ever wanted to use a bit of space in mine let me know.

    Toodles and Binks


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