New Stud Earrings - Copper & Sterling Silver

I'm currently teaching myself to solder. I love soldering, in fact I love anything that involves using a torch and bits of metal

I recently learnt how to solder on earring posts (I've only melted two so far!) which means I can now make stud earrings

So I did and here they are.......
Quite simple designs : torched silver sheet that I hammered, sanded and stamped and copper discs hammered, domed and stamped

Soldered and enamelled stud earrings coming soon too. I recently made some enamelled stud earrings and used G.L.U.E. to stick the posts on. Not a good idea. I wish I hadn't ignored the little voice in my head that said "are you sure you really want to use glue?"
More of that tale soon :D


  1. OHHH...MYYY...GODDD! LOVE THEM! All of them, just love! ;o)

    Clever you...


    hello gorgeous xxx

  2. I'm new to your blog, lots of lovely jewellery. Love the little studs in this post!! Jessica Jewellery Design

  3. really beautiful studs, I want some! ♥

  4. very creative designs !!!!!!! i loved it .

    fashion jewellery uk

  5. Do you sell your earrings. Bought an identical pair in an art shop in Tyneside and I've list them. Plain copper dtudd.

    1. Hi Tania,
      I do sell them. These were made 4 years ago.


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