Sunday, 29 January 2012

Enamel Heart Fest ! Valentine's Day Inspiration

I've been a bit obsessed with hearts lately...........what with Valentine's Day coming up
Been busy with my saw and copper sheet and enamel powders creating these colourful cuties

Sawing mostly definitely is not my favourite thing but I did manage not to break any blades this time! And felt relatively calm and relaxed while I was doing it :D

Here's a selection of enamelled heart earrings and pendants all available in my Folksy and Etsy shops....

Here's a custom order in progress - the customer (a lovely lady called Jill who's just about to start enamelling herself) recently bought a pair of large raspberry enamelled hearts and asked if I could make her two pairs in royal blue. I'm not exactly sure what royal blue looks like (!) but used Aqua opaque with Prussian Blue transparent on top and Jill loves the colour so now I just need to make the earwires to finish them off 


  1. I enjoy sawing, but I hate filing! Your hearts are lovely.

  2. Thank you!The better I get at sawing the less filing I have to do :D

  3. I love your hearts, they are very pretty!

  4. Awesome work! I love these shiny, vibrant hearts!


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