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Madam, Was Your Chicken Left Unattended?

The Scene :
The kitchen, Sunday evening just after CountryFile

The Victim :
Left-over barbeque-style chicken breast, cooked for Sunday dinner, covered with foil and secured on kitchen worktop

The Crime Scene :

The Suspect :

Distinguishing Features:
Rips in both ears
 Slight swagger when walking due to a back leg injury as a kitten

Known Aliases:
"satan's cat"
"he's evil that cat"

Previous convictions :
1. The taking and carrying upstairs to the bedroom of a packet of fish taken out of the freezer to defrost for tea
2. The scoffing of a bowl of grated cheese left out on the kitchen worktop ready to go on top of the pasta for tea. Two incidents.
3. Due to a strange fruit fetish, helping himself to some sliced strawberries left in a bowl on the kitchen worktop
4. The purloining of small items from the bathroom, namely a sponge and a mini bottle of bubble bath, which were carried downstairs and abandoned in the hall
5. The ability to make small tins of Vaseline simply vanish to be found several months later under the bed. His current record for this is five.

Verdict :


  1. Hehe, what a naughty cat [very cute though!] :)

  2. HAAAHAHAHAHAAA! Oh, man, I'd feel sorry for you but we have a counter-surfing dog that's about as bad as Eddie. Go read about ours:

  3. So glad it's not just my house!

  4. Do you think you can reform him? :-)

  5. LOL! I've got another one like that here!

  6. Thanks for your comments :D
    Eddie is waaay past reforming!

  7. Oh but he looks so angelic...
    At least it's your food though - I used to live in a 2nd floor flat and had a cat that used to climb out of the window, down a tree only to return minutes later with the a sausage from my downstairs neighbours breakfast!

  8. I'm sure it's Eddie's ambition to master the art of stealing food from the neighbours. Give it time!

  9. that made me laugh!
    cats - little blighters! your cat has many of the same alias's that mine used to :)

  10. Thank you so much for this. Truly made me laugh out loud. We so love our little devils, I mean sweet kitties, that we seem to always be able to forgive them.

    Stealing sausages from the neighbor downstairs has got to be the funniest version of pets stealing food I've ever heard. Even beats our dog eating grandma's chocolate eclairs - box and all.


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