New Stockists And Catching Up

I've been busy recently making stock for two new stockists! I gave myself two weeks to make 22 pairs of earrings including earwires and oxidising and polishing them all and did it in just over a week working in the afternoons when I'd finished my part-time job. Am I the only one who likes to get things done and out of the way rather than have it hanging over me?!

Here's some of the enamel stuff cooling on my soldering block.
That is NOT our carpet!! It's the doormat by the back door where I took the photo cos it was nice and bright. Good forbid anyone should think that grubby, cat-hairy delight was gracing the entire floor :D

All the earrings were dutifully packed up and sent on their way and can now be found in ArtFully Made, a lovely gift shop run by Tamsyn Simmonds at 14 South Street, Wellington, Somerset and at Good Girl Designs, a shop run by Nicola Hunt at Area One, 2 Old Dairy, Twitter Lane Waddington, Clitheroe in Lancashire.

Catching Up
I've since been trying to catch up and add some new stock to my Folksy shop. I took almost half of it out of the shop for a wholesale order recently and I'm slowly getting there! I have a pile of earrings (14 pairs!) sat waiting for the sun to come out from behind this awful grey sky we've got at the moment. Thurday is looking good in the south east this week so fingers crossed.

Here's a few pairs I did manage to photograph before the grey gloom descended :

Tip: Don't buy a hot pink camera if you're going to photograph shiny things....seemed like a good idea at the time......


copper & enamel.....

more copper......

 experimenting with transparent enamels.....


  1. Beautiful! Love the copper and green enamel earrings.

  2. Oooh, these are so rich and I'm drooling over on this side of the Pond, now! Beautiful colors!


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