New Look Folksy & A Featured Item!

After a few teething problems yesterday trying to access the newly relaunched Folksy site - I had to install Firefox due to problems with IE8 closing the page, I managed, about an hour later, (wasn't impressed!) to get to see my new improved shop.

I do like the new look but think it's appalling that there were so many bugs on relaunch day............

Anyway, it was nice to see a pair of my enamel earrings in the Featured Items section on the front page, which takes up the entire front page now!

Here's the rest of the lovely items chosen for the page :


  1. I agree that's not a great start, I've been thinking about a Folksy shop but I notice they're also adding VAT to listings now...
    I do love those earrings though - such a gorgeous depth of colour.

  2. Thanks, Lesley!
    Yes, VAT on fees, changes for the better (kind of) and the worse (lots of!)


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