Tuesday, 23 August 2011

New Fold Form And Torch Enamel Earrings

I posted recently about experimenting with fold forming and enamelling - creating a definite division in the surface of the metal then enamelling both sides a different colour as seen in these disc earrings below

Well I've been playing around with the idea again and made two more pairs this time leaving one side of the fold bare copper. I used transparent enamels over opaque - you can achieve some lovely colours that way. 

A bit fiddly but that's all part of the fun :D

Raspberry transparent over ivory

Turquoise transparent over lichen green with a sprinkle of seafoam


  1. Gorgeous, love that raspberry colour. Thanks for these tips, I'm taking them all in :0)

  2. These are super! I guessed that the first one was raspberry, but the second one stumped me. I love what you did with sprinkling the Sea Foam ... it makes it look like a crystalline glaze. Beautiful work!

  3. Beautiful! I love the raspberry!

  4. wow, love what you're making now, gorgeous!

  5. Very nice pieces. Certainly have a vintage look about them.


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