New! Handmade Sterling Silver Earwires

I've just added some handmade sterling silver earwires to my findings shop Cinnamon Jewellery Findings on Folksy!

Two pair sets of ball end and hoop style in bright or antiqued (oxidised) finish. Made with 20g/0.8mm sterling wire and tumbled to work-harden and shine up lovely!

The jury's still out on the silver-filled wire - it didn't oxidised very well, had a yellowish tinge because of the copper even when cleaned up and I'm not sure about seeing the copper when you file the ends of the wire. Although I suppose it would darken over time so would be less noticeable. Hmmm...... maybe I'll give it another go.

Here's some more sterling earwires in the meantime :D


  1. you have some beautiful pieces, I saw your interview over on Charloote Hupfield Ceramics

  2. I say stick with the solid silver! You have way more options with antiquing and oxidizing and will gain many loyal customers too, since a lot of serious jewelry makers work in sterling.

  3. Yes, I'm not overly impressed with the silver filled but that's probably cos I'm so used to working with sterling.
    The silver filled I've got is half hard which I'm finding hard to use as I'm used to working with dead soft :D


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