Monday, 27 June 2011

Hoop Crazy!

I've definitely gone a bit hoop crazy in the last few days! I bought some copper washers from eBay a while ago and fancied doing a bit of wirewrapping with them. "Bit" being the operative word - I love the elaborate swirly wirewrapped jewellery people make but I'm not sure I could manage it myself without a lot of swearing :D

Rummaging through my bead boxes in search of beads to go with the copper hoops I remembered these strangely shaped pearls I've had for years.....flat on the bottom and rounded on the top, all in pretty pale icy colours - pink, green, gold, blue, peach and a funny peacock greeny-grey which are perfect for wrapping to the copper washers.
So I was off!

I fancied adding some sterling wire to these for contrast and actually remembered to oxidise it first - I always have trouble getting sterling to oxidise well when it's in contact with copper. Then I thought I'd make some in sterling silver so I cut some discs with a slightly off centre hole and added a pink pearl......

Then I made a matching pendant.....

The copper earrings with the pink pearl also have a matching pendant which is ready and waiting for it's copper chain, currently winging it's way from the States. I just need to make a fastener for it and oxidise it and then it will be set free in my Folksy shop with the others!

Definitely going to make myself a pair of these......


  1. These came out gorgeous! I love how you wire wrapped around the pearls. ~Val

  2. Hi, there, i just popped onto your blog, and i think its amazing.Your jewellery is beautiful, and your blog, just looks so fab.Im fairly new to blogging, but im getting there lol.xx


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