Wire Artists Gallery On The Wireworkers Guild Blog

Author of the Wireworkers Guild blog Linda Jones, wirework jewellery maker, magazine contributor and author of several jewellery books, has posted a gallery of photos of wirework jewellery made by the guild members on her blog.

It features a selection of necklaces like the one pictured on the left by Sally Pitman, bracelets, earrings, rings and tiaras. It's lovely to see the variety of wirework styles out there and also nice to see a pair of my copper earrings included too!

Sue Mason-Burns

Wendy McClean

My copper and turquoise jasper earrings now happily residing in Londonderry with Colleen of Folksy shop Clover Jewels


  1. Thanks for the mention, Tracy! It's great to see the diversity of styles and techniques. I'm loving your new work too! x


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